Antony P J has 4 decades of experience in the vertical transportation industry. His exposure extends to all aspects of the vertical transportation industry covering projects, service and modernization and sales of elevators and escalators.
Antony has been personally involved in the sales of many landmark modernisation projects across India like Vidhan Bhavan, Reserve bank of India Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Hyatt Delhi, Express Towers, Mittal Towers, Ushakiran, MTNL- Mumbai etc.
He has experience in handling the operations in north, modernisation and infrastructure projects in pan India.
He has been heading the sales and execution of various infrastructure projects across India. And directly involved in the sales and execution of Delhi Metro, Mumbai International Airport, Kolkata Airport, Chennai Airport, Mumbai Metro, Mumbai Monorails, Bangalore Metro, MCD Civic Centre, Foot over Bridges in Delhi etc.