Other Services

Design Validation

In case you want to validate your design or crosscheck your assumptions, we can also provide you with standard up peak traffic analysis. This report will only give the standard up peak results with respect to the traffic handling parameters of your design and will not include recommendations.


This report will not be a substitute for the direct involvement and recommendations of an elevatoring expert. Keep in mind that the actual traffic handling ability of your elevators could vary by virtue of variation in assumptions, location within the building, positioning of the lobbies, equipment characteristics etc.
Any analysis beyond the standard up peak requires extensive discussion to establish the other variables. If you require further details, please contact us or refer our DESIGN STAGE services.

1. Vertical System Assessment

  •   New Equipment Assessment
  •  Under Service Equipment Assessment
  •  System Adequacy Assessment

2. Interventions

  •   Dispute Opinion
  •   Incident Opinion

3. Training

  • We conduct training for lift operators, security personnel etc who might be involved in handling day to day aspects of the lift and escalator operations.
  • This training will clearly instruct the attendees that the session is not intended to make them experts and the technical aspects are to be left to the specialists.

  • We also conduct educative sessions for children with focus on safe usage of elevators and escalators.