OUR Commitment

A successful vertical transportation project is dependent on the 3 stages of its life cycle. These stages are interlinked inseparably and a compromise at any stage can be detrimental to the entire project. We are committed to providing you unbiased expertise to successfully navigate through all stages of the vertical transportation life cycle.

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OUR Services

Our value added services cover all stages of the vertical transportation project including Traffic Analysis and Design, Specification, interface during Construction, Service and Modernization stages for Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walks. We also provide technical, incident and adequacy assessments.

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OUR Infrastructure

The greatest infrastructure we bring to your project is our hands-on experience and intellectual capital. We are also equipped with the tools required to provide the committed value addition. These include software for advanced analysis and tools to measure the performance of the system.

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OUR Team

Our wide experience and exposure to all aspects of the vertical transportation technology and business including processes and requirements enables us to pre-empt potential issues as well as maximize value for your project. We are also well versed with relevant global standards and codes.

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About Us

Our journey began in 2005 when we commenced work on the first 6mps elevators to be installed in India. There have been many more firsts in the years since- as we moved forward in leaps and bounds- and looked at taller and faster. Every passing milestone has resulted in a recognition of our competency and expertise.

It is indeed a matter of pride for us that our Principal Consultant is Convener of the Panel for writing codes for Lifts and Escalators, CED 46:P16 of the National Building Codes and a representative on the P-4 panel of the ET25 committee constituted by the Bureau of Indian Standards for rewriting the Elevator & Escalators Codes.

Our journey continues globally today, with representation on the Board of International Associations in the elevatoring industry, with over 500 projects completed and over a 100 satisfied clients. What remains constant is our commitment to providing our clients with unbiased expertise for their vertical transportation needs.

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