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  • Our journey began in 2005 when we commenced work on the first 6mps elevators to be installed in India. There have been many more firsts in the years since- as we moved forward in leaps and bounds- and looked at taller and faster. Every passing milestone has resulted in a recognition of our competency and expertise.
  • It is indeed a matter of pride for us that our Principal Consultant is Convener of the Panel for writing codes for Lifts and Escalators, CED 46:P16 of the National Building Codes and a representative on the P-4 panel of the ET25 committee constituted by the Bureau of Indian Standards for rewriting the Elevator & Escalators Codes.
  • Our journey continues globally today, with representation on the Board of International Associations in the elevatoring industry, with over 500 projects completed and over a 100 satisfied clients. What remains constant is our commitment to providing our clients with unbiased expertise for their vertical transportation needs.

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